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Benderplay Network Rules
Started by Minebender9_YT



04 Jan 2023
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01 Jun 2024

Note: Not every punishable offense can be listed in the rules. If something is not specifically listed on here, that does NOT mean it is allowed! If you are ever unsure or would like clarification, please contact staff.



  • No chargebacks of any payments are allowed, this will result in a permanent blacklist from the network. 
  • No faking evidence of any player 
  • No stalking/harassing any player 
  • No leaking player's personal information. This includes false information; it will be treated the same way! 
  • No using VPNs or proxies. This will result in your account becoming linked to other players’ accounts and may cause you to be punished for another player’s actions. Mobile hotspots are also strongly discouraged. 
  • No using NFA/SFA account generators. The reason being that most of these accounts are already punished on Benderplay and may cause you to be blacklisted from the network.  Account sharing is allowed, but at your own risk! We will not unban you if your shared/secondhand account(s) get banned and/or blacklisted. 
  • Do not evade a ban or mute on any Benderplay platform - this can lead to a blacklist.
  • Use common sense. If common sense dictates something should most likely be against the rules, then do not do it! If you are ever in doubt about something please ask a staff member beforehand.


  • No hacking/cheating 
  • No "fake hacking" meaning you purposely try to look like a hacker; this will carry the same punishment as an actual hacker. (e.g. sitting at spawn spinning around towards players and attacking to make it look like you have kill aura) 
  • No knowingly teaming with hackers 
  • No using bots for any reason (e.g. spam bots, killing them to boost stats/money/kits or any other form of advantage or benefits from bots) 
  • No using any alt accounts to get daily items/gear/currency/voting or achievement rewards for you or any other account to use; this rule still applies to daily items on ranked alt accounts. 
  • No glitch abusing/exploiting (e.g. duplicating items, escaping the map, eating whilst running, escaping combat tag, intentionally getting yourself banned, etc - no matter your intention) 
  • If you discover a glitch, immediately report it to a staff member or create a Bug Report and do not share it with other players. No abusing /report (e.g. purposefully false reporting another player to get the attention of staff) 
  • No inappropriate usernames; you will be banned until you change your name. (applies to names that include swear words, racism, sexism, or any other inappropriate terms/phrases) 
  • No inappropriate skins/capes (e.g. any skin/cape showing nudity) 
  • No other programs to give you an unfair advantage (e.g. autoclickers, macros, unapproved mods, etc.) 
  • Butterfly clicking may result in a punishment for autoclicking as they have some similarities that are difficult to distinguish. Butterfly clicking is at your own risk, but strongly discouraged since you are unlikely to be unbanned if you use this method. 
  • No double-clicking (includes the action of adjusting mouse settings to double-click and setting multiple mice/trackpad or buttons to attack) 
  • Drag, bolt & bawlclicking are strictly prohibited; you will be treated the same way as you would if you were blatantly cheating.


  • No DDoS/dox/swat threats or actions towards any player under any circumstances (This can also apply to other forms of communication outside of the network only at an administrator's discretion.) 
  • No leaking (or pretending to leak) another player’s personal information 
  • No form of threats towards any player for any reason 
  • No mass messaging 
  • No suicide encouragement, death wishes or death threats (includes phrases encouraging self-harm such as "slit your wrists") 
  • No spamming, flooding chat or encouraging spam. This includes spamming in PMs and spamming commands like /pay, /is ban, /tpa, etc. 
  • General rule of thumb of what qualifies as spam: 3 or more nearly identical messages within a single chat window or within 10-15 seconds, or flooding chat with character/keyboard spam 
  • No link spamming You are permitted to send no more than 1 stream/video link every 5 minutes as long as the content is related to Benderplay. 
  • No intentionally advertising any other Minecraft or Discord server in any way on any platform (includes server IPs and invite links) 
  • Be respectful to all players and staff; any form of toxicity is punishable. 
  • No racism, bigotry, hate speech or any other discriminatory language 
  • Do not intentionally bypass the chat filter to swear or use inappropriate language. 
  • No creating fake messages (e.g using color chat to make a fake ban message or impersonate as staff, etc.)
  • No inappropriate links 
  • No download links anywhere (in-game, Discord, etc.) 
  • No solicitation or giveaways of items/things unrelated to Benderplay (e.g. "Selling minecraft accounts cheap!" or "Giving away minecon capes, message me!") 
  • No selling any in-game item or currency for real life currency or items outside of the Benderplay network (Capes, cosmetics, non-Benderplay ranks/perks, etc.). 
  • No inappropriate messages in chat 
  • No inappropriate usage of /nick (e.g. inappropriate language, names, staff impersonation, etc. )
Minebender9_YT · about 1 year ago