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Builder Application Guidelines and Requirements
Started by Minebender9_YT



04 Jan 2023
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01 Jun 2024
Benderplay Builder Application Guidelines and Requirements
This guide was designed to help you ensure that you increase your chances of becoming a builder on Benderplay.

Step 1: The Application Stage

Before applying for builder you must make sure you meet all of the requirements below, and you can then make you builder application and wait for a response. If you are deemed not acceptable to be builder on Benderplay, your application will be denied and you will be given a response that explains possible reasons that your application could have been denied for. If you are denied you MUST wait at least 2 weeks before reapplying. If you apply before 2 weeks you will no longer be able to apply for builder in the future. Below are the requirements for being a builder.


*You must provide previous builds that you have done (a portfolio).
*You must not have more than 3 mutable chat offenses in the past 30 days of applying.
*You must not have been banned within the past 3 months of applying.
*You must have decent past experience (list the servers you have built for).
*You must actually put effort into your application, if we see simple 1-2 sentence answers for questions that are expected to be much longer, you will be denied.

*You must have a working microphone and be able to talk to us (required for the interview stage).

Tips to Make Your Application Better:

· Proper spelling & grammar is a quintessential aspect in writing your application. Taking the time to proofread is very important!

· Having previous experience in a build team looks very good on your application. Working in a team & having prior knowledge will help when becoming a builder for Benderplay as being able to communicate is very important. If you have previous experience please list the server/team you worked for and what exactly your part in the team was.

· If you have proficient background knowledge in WorldEdit this is also seen as being a better candidate and more likely to be accepted. Also, please don’t list off commands you already know. This is seen as unnecessary.

· Having decent screenshots with shaders and angles where the person reviewing your application can clearly see the build will improve your chances. Taking them while toggling your HUD off using F1 also makes the screenshots look better.

· If your application does not have enough proof, it will be denied. You can show proof by showing the build in construction or by placing a sign down with your IGN.

· Do not use resource packs when building or taking screenshots. It is better to showcase a build in default as this is what most players will see.

· Composing a portfolio to showcase all your builds. When an application is being reviewed, it looks much more professional to have a sleek looking website rather than having a bunch of Gyazo image links pasted one after another in your application. Any and all links should be clickable as this makes it easier for reviewers to look at your images.

Step 2: The Interview Stage

During this step Minebender9 will contact you on what time is best to conduct your verbal interview. You will be asked a series of questions that will help us get a better understanding of who you are and your building style. You will then be asked to do a “trial build” that will be judged by Minebender9. If you fail this stage you will be told so and allowed to reapply again in 2 weeks, if you are accepted you will be added to the build team.

If you have any questions regarding builder applications, please do not hesitate in asking Minebender9 in game or on the forums. Good luck with writing your application.​
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