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Partner Application Guidelines and Requirements
Started by Minebender9_YT



04 Jan 2023
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01 Jun 2024

Benderplay Partner Application Guidelines and Requirements

These are the guidelines and requirements for the Partner rank on Benderplay.




  • You must have a decent number of subscribers/followers. (500+)
  • You must have a decent number of views. (1,000+)
  • You must have 2 or more videos on the Benderplay network.
  • You must have an active channel
  • For streamers, you must have a decent number of concurrent viewers per stream. (20+)



Helpful Tips

These are tips that are not required, but may help your application.


  • Be very active on Benderplay and post more videos/stream on the server.
  • Have a good consistent amount of views per video.
  • Your channel primarily focuses on Minecraft content.
  • Be active on the Benderplay Discord server and the Forums.


Perks of the Partner Rank

  • Free access to all the "Star" rank perks
  • Your own code in the store players can use
  • You will earn a percentage of sales from customers that use your code
  • Your Benderplay videos will be advertised to players in game and through Discord/Forums



If you think you meet the requirements and wish to apply, click here to submit an application.


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